Oracle Database Basic and Advanced Performance Tuning [ 40 Hrs. ]

Unit-1: Performance Tuning Overview
Unit-2: Statistics and Wait Events
Unit-3: Metrics, Alerts, and Baseline for Proactive Maintenance
Unit-4: Using STATSPACK
Unit-5: Using Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
Unit-6: Using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
Unit-7: Using SQL Tuning and SQL Access Advisors
Unit-8: Using Memory Advisor (ASMM)
Unit-9: Tuning Database Buffer Cache
Unit-10: Tuning Shared Pool
Unit-11: Monitoring and Managing Storage
Unit-12: Managing Resources
Unit-13: Checkpoint and Redo Tuning
Unit-14: Tuning I/O
Unit-15: Tuning PGA and Temporary Space
Unit-16: Tuning Block Space Usage
Unit-17: Reactive Tuning
Unit-18: Best Practices